Reset Portal Data

JCPenneyKiosk is an official employee login portal launched by JCPenney Company. It is an incredible effort on the part of the company to improve the lives of its employees every day. This online portal offers employees who register on this portal several advantages and thus ensures that they can access their employment data in one place.

If employees forgot their JCPenneyKiosk Associate Login portal password, they don’t need to worry as it can be altered much easily. Employees can also do this if someone else has access to their password. Here are the steps below to reset the JCPenneyKiosk Login Account password.

The company cares about its employees, ensuring that they can easily access their employment information. Additionally, the JCPenneyKiosk portal allows employees to continue visiting the company’s human resources department.

How To Reset The JCPenneyKiosk Account Password?

  • Visit the login page at
  • Click on “Associate Kiosk @ Home.”
  • On the subsequent page, click on the “forgot your password” tab from the login section on the left.
  • Enter your username, old password to proceed with the steps of the password change procedure.
  • Hereby, employees will be redirected to the section where they have to form a new password as per the instructions.
  • Enter the same password in the subsequent field and click on the Submit tab to complete the process.

If employees face further issues, then the first thing to do is check the connected internet connection and the Wi-Fi connections to make it work properly. An alternative way to do this is to refresh the current page or immediately go to a different website.

If another site works properly, it is clear that the problem is not linked to the internet connection. Sometimes the JCPenneyKiosk page may not load even if the internet connection is good, and this could be due to issues with the service itself or an error mentioning the URL.

If you copy and paste the credentials frequently at the JCPenneyKiosk Associate Login portal, make sure employees have not inadvertently copied a leading or trailing frame. If the issues persist, contact the General Manager or Human Resources department for relevant assistance.